Stradbroke was an Independent Hold Up Village located in the west of the County. No Civil Defence scheme is included with the records held by SRO but the minutes do provide some details of the arrangements put in place in case of invasion / emergency.

• List of Volunteers for filling in road craters and putting out fires to be drawn up.

• Population – 850 with 272 habitable houses.

• Noted that a lot of households willing to take in bombed out people.

• First Aid: beds for casualties – 15; more promised.

• First Aid Post- Queen Street.

• Shelters – the following were suitable: Shaw Rectory Cellar (20 people); The Priory (20 people).

• Slit trenches for ARP wardens – “all agree plenty of ditches available”.

• Food stocks – enough to feed local population for one month, allowing for 10% destroyed by enemy activity.

• In an emergency, all shops to close. List of all food to be produced and given to food officer who would take control over all food stocks. Population to proceed to Rectory for emergency rations.

• List of water supply and stirrup pumps to be drawn up.

• Suggested decontamination center to be local slaughter house.

• Capt. Taylor stated he needed 100 men for Home Guard – only 25 at present (as at 20 March 1942).

• Capt. Taylor impressed on committee that invasion conditions would be awful and to be prepared for absolute chaos; no help would come for a time, so all services should be up to standard

• Rest Shelters – six or seven barns on outskirts of parish that would be suitable as temporary rest shelters.

Reference: Stradbroke Invasion Committee Minutes, SRO


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