Make Your Home Safe

This leaflet was issued by the Ministry of Information on behalf of the Ministry of Home Security, Oct 1939. It pointed out that the chances of a house being hit directly by a bomb was small but damage could be caused by the blast of a bomb, flying glass, rubble, bomb splinters and fragments of anti-aircraft shells. Precautions that could be taken if people had not yet got an Anderson shelter included:

Outside the house: A trench could be dug if the household had a garden – a shallow trench about 4 ½ feet deep with the spoil put in sandbags and stacked up to about 15 inches all round.

Inside the house: Identify a shelter room - a small narrow room was better as the roof is more strongly supported. Any windows should be protected against splinters (e.g.. with sandbags, boxes filled with earth or by boards nailed on the inside and outside).


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