Leiston HG

5th Company, 8th Battalion Suffolk Home Guard was responsible for the defence of Leiston.

The Company intention was to defend Leiston against all attacks from air or sea – there would be no withdrawal. The following is from 9th Lancs Fusiliers Defence Scheme, November 1940.
On receipt of ‘Action Stations’ the following action was to be taken:

All posts and road blocks to be manned 100%. Road blocks to be closed and capable of being reopened in five minutes. One rail to be left out to allow passage of motor cycles.

Machine Gun posts would take the following action:

  • Post opposite gas works – fetch MG from gas works, prepare post and mount gun
  • Carr Avenue / Theberton Road junction – fetch MG from Leiston Works and mount gun
  • Post by last house in King George Avenue – fetch gun from T.A Hut and mount gun.
  • The first men to reach their posts will fetch ammunition and bombs from store adjacent to the posts.
    • Eight men will report to Leiston Works and take the Works lorry or the ‘Battery Car’ and carry out the following tasks:

      • Aldeburgh Road and Abbey Road 12 pdr guns – deliver 20 rounds A.P and 12 rounds H.E
      • Valley Road and Sizewell Road 12 pdr guns – deliver 20 rounds A.P
      • Take two 12 pdr guns from the Leiston Works together with 5 round A.P and 3 rounds H.E and mount these guns in the prepared positions at the Saxmundham and West End Roads.
        • The gun crews were expected to act as infantry or gunners as the situation demanded.

            Home Guard Defence Scheme - Leiston

          The police were responsible for any evacuation of the civil population. RAP posts were located at Summerhill and the Constitutional Club. Company HQ was at the Post Office. 15th Division papers, 1941 note that the Battle HQ was located at the White Horse.

          Leiston Works (Richard Garrett Engineering Works)produced mountings for the quick firing 12 pounder gun for the Navy. In order to test the mountings a number of guns were in the possession of the factory and after a visit by C.R.A 55th Division that six of these guns be mounted on the outskirts of Leiston. The Admiralty was persuaded to supply 800 rounds for the guns.

          Detachments of 5th Company also manned road blocks at Coldfair Green and Knodishall Whin / Blackheath Corner.


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