Ipswich:Raid No 2

On Wed 3rd July 1940 the preliminary warning was received at 15.27 hrs. At approx 16.45 an enemy aeroplane, probably a Dornier, appeared over the eastern part of the town and dropped 20 bombs in a line approx. 1,200 yards long. All the bombs exploded.

The bombs fell in four ARP Wardens sectors, making it difficult for the Wardens to cover all the ground. Also as the siren had not sounded, the only Wardens on duty were the full-time Wardens. It was some time before more Wardens arrived on the scene. The incident however was dealt with by the police and Special Constables who were quickly on the scene. A Rescue Squad had to render some of the houses safe. Casualty totals were one dead and 17 slightly wounded.

It was noted that bombs that exploded in the sandy soil characteristic of the area, the effect of the explosion was greatly reduced while bombs exploding on firmer surfaces (e.g. paths, houses) caused considerable damage.

The bombs landed as follows:

  • Avondale Road approx. 25 yards from Powling Road, damaging a gas main.
  • In a garden in the rear of No.63 Clapgate Lane. Crater made in the soft soil, quite near an Anderson Shelter which was not disturbed.
  • On gravel path, on opposite side of road to No.55 Clapgate Lane. Electric cables and windows in approx. six houses damaged from No.51 upwards.
  • Large crater in bottom of garden, No.40 Clapgate Lane, destroying fence between No’s 40 and 42.
  • Bomb in front room of No.2 Wye Road, demolishing house and severely damaging No.4 as to make it unsafe.
  • Bomb at bottom of garden, No.6 Wye Road. Large crater.
  • Bomb on rear corner of house, No.75 Severn Road, making it unsafe.
  • Bomb close to rear of house, No.64 Severn Road, severely damaging lean-to out-houses and making a large crater.
  • Bomb in front garden, joining pavement, No.44 Severn Road. Many windows damaged.
  • Bomb in Severn Road, opposite Lee Road, damaging water main and overhead electric cables.
  • Bomb close to bungalow, No.37 Severn Road, making a large crater and demolishing kitchen and severely damaging another room.
  • Bomb in garden at rear of No.33 Severn Road, within a few feet of an Anderson Shelter. Anderson shelter on edge of crater and only lightly affected. Glass and French Windows sucked out.
  • Bomb in rear of garden, No.65 Cliff Lane. Crater and damage to windows.
  • Bomb on No.75 Cliff Lane, demolishing house. No.77 severely damaged and had to be strutted from the adjacent house, making both unsafe.
  • Bomb in stack yard adjacent to Cliff Lane Holywells Farm. Large crater.
  • Bomb in hedge dividing the “Margaret Catchpole” garden from drive to Holywells Park. Part of hedge and bank demolished.
  • Bomb in garden of “Margaret Catchpole” making large crater.
  • Bomb on fence dividing “Margaret Catchpole” grounds from Holywells Park, making a large crater and destroying part of brick and iron fence. Two females injured, one subsequently dying.
  • Bomb on Holywells lawn, making a crater.
  • Bomb in park land, in Holywells Park, west of Mansion.
    •   Above: summary of raid on July 3rd, 1940

        Above: Plot of raid, 3rd July 1940


      Ipswich Air Raid Reports, SRO

      Summary of Air Raids - Ipswich, SRO

      Google Maps

Group Post Sector Location of Incidents Time of Incidents Bombs: No. Est. Size Crater Size UXB Casualties: Killed To Hosp. Other Properties Damaged: Demolished Severely Slightly
K Various Over several roads 16:45 hrs 20 50 kg Varied Nil 1 17 2 5 21
RaidNo2 Map

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