Ipswich - Raid No. 9

On Monday 30th September 1940, air raid message “Yellow” was received at 17:14 hrs. At 17:25 hrs an enemy aircraft, believed to be a Dornier 17, appeared out of the clouds over the river Orwell and dropped 11 HE bombs in a straight line over the eastern edge of Ipswich. The first 10 bombs fell within a distance of 350 yards, the last bomb falling about 1,000 yards from the first.

The bombs fell as follows:

  • In the front garden of a pair of semi-detached houses, No’s 50 and 52 Clapgate Lane. The bomb blew out the front bays of the houses.
  • In front of No 44 Clapgate Lane, on the service road to houses from Clapgate Lane. The bomb made a crater in the road and damaged a 9” sewer pipe, which was some 10 to 12 feet below the surface.
  • On a gravel path alongside Clapgate Lane, damaging electric cables buried under the path. These cables had been damaged on the raid of 3rd July.
  • In a roadway outside No 43 Clapgate Lane, making a crater some 12 to 15 feet across the roadway and damaging a sewer connection to some houses. At first the road was thought impassable, but with removal of debris one way traffic was possible. When the sewer had been repaired, the crater was in filled and the road reopened.
  • In the garden of No 33 Clapgate Lane, blowing an Anderson Shelter out of the ground, the shelter hitting and demolishing some sheds in adjacent gardens. Near the crater, a cage containing budgerigars was damaged, but the birds where unharmed!
  • In the garden of No 27 Clapgate Lane, destroying some partition fences.
  • A direct hit on No 158 Nacton Road, one of a pair of semi-detached houses. The house was completely destroyed but the adjoining house was not too badly damaged. No 160 Nacton Road, separated from No 158 Nacton Road by a narrow passage also suffered some damage.
  • In the garden of No 285 Nacton Road, demolishing part of a partition fence and causing considerable damage to a conservatory.
  • In the garden of 106 Hatfield Road, which was empty. It blew an Anderson shelter out of the ground, which parts of it hit the house causing some damage.
  • A direct hit on the rear of No’s 92 and 94 Hatfield Road, destroying this part of the properties and badly damaging the rear bedrooms and kitchens, which had to be demolished to make the property safe. The depth of the crater, some 25 ft deep was a mystery at first until it was discovered the bomb had dropped into a well.
  • On a flint track between single track sidings at Derby Road station and the signal box and passenger platforms. Some damage to the track and the windows of the signal box. Flint from the track was projected over quite a distance casing damage to roofs and the school and shop windows in the vicinity.
    • All of the bombs were considered to have been 50 kg bombs. Craters were on average 10 to 15 feet wide and 5 to 6 feet deep. The bombs all penetrated the ground before exploding. There was no obvious target of the raid; the docks were some distance away so if this was the target the bombers aim was of a very poor standard. It was considered that the same bomber had already dropped 11 HE bombs over the neighboring authority to East Suffolk.

      Casualties were two lightly wounded and one female who died of cerebral thrombosis, which was stated to have been brought on by the raid. A workman was lightly wounded from the fall out of anti-aircraft fire, several bursts which harassed the bomber.

      As no action warning was received, there was a slight delay in Wardens and police arriving on the scene. However once they arrived, the ARP services were said to have worked well, especially the resources of the Borough Engineer in rendering damaged houses safe, making first aid repairs to others, infilling craters etc.

      Right: Path of Raid No. 9


      ARP Controller Reports, SRO
      Google Maps

air raid 9

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