Fire Precautions

Public Information leaflet No 5 advised householders that the enemy may make use of incendiary bombs and dealt with ways to tackle any fires.

An incendiary bomb would probably penetrate a roof but come to rest on the first boarded floor. It would blaze up and scatter burning material in all directions. Households may have to deal with the bomb and the fire started by the bomb.

Dealing with the bomb: Water should be applied in a fine spray by the use of a stirrup pump. If no stirrup pump was available the bomb could be covered in sand and then scooped up into a bucket containing about four inches of sand.

Dealing with a fire started by a bomb: This should be treated as any other fire – with water and acting quickly. Even if the bomb could not be tackled, if the fire was prevented from spreading the object will have been achieved.

The leaflet also contained advice on what householders could do immediately such as clearing roof spaces and attics of materials that could easily catch fire and knowing the emergency Fire Brigade arrangements in their area.

If War should come, buckets of water and sand should be kept preferably on or near the top floor. A watcher may be required on or near the top floor in large houses.


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