Prior to the outbreak of War, the great fear was the bomber. The Government started to put into place Air Raid Precautions during the mid 1930's. During the Battle of France, the British Expeditionary Force was continually hampered with refugee movements. GHQ was determined that this would be avoided in any subsequent invasion of Britain.  Therefore the planning of managing civil requirements in a state of emergency / invasion was considered as important as the military planning. This website will look at the role of the services responsible for Civil Defence and the role of the Home Guard in Suffolk during WW2. It  should be regarded as a compliment to my other website, ‘WW2 Defences in Suffolk’, which details the Home Forces Defence of Suffolk.




























Please note that the administrative Counils of East Suffolk and West Sufffok are refered to along with the Rural Districts as existed in 1934. In 1974 East and West Suffolk County Councils along with the Borough of Ipswich ( a County Borough in its own right ) were merged into the non-metropolitan County of Suffolk.


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